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Wednesday, June 03 2015
Montgomery County Maryland - Going Green With Sustainable Ideas On Waste

Why Green Montgomery?

Making Montgomery County a safer, healthier, more sustainable place to live is good for all of us.

Montgomery County Maryland, not just a leader, but raising the bar for sustainability for everyone. Working in Maryland is always exciting, having a community that is always forward looking for environmental options and a better way to operate. Maryland Sharps Disposal is excited to be a part of and help in this endeavor. If you need Sharps or needle disposal in Maryland or Montgomery County, contact us today.

There’s a good reason for everyone to want a green Montgomery County. For some, it’s to preserve our natural beauty. For others, it’s to reduce our carbon footprint and live more sustainable. And for others, it’s about saving “green” money every day. Whatever your reason, you’ll find information and resources throughout this site to reach your green goals. Below is a quick summary of the site.

Explore. Find Inspiration. Be part of our Green Montgomery.

Green Projects

The what, whys and how-tos for everything from simple changes to a complete green make-over. Get started on a green project today! Learn More »

Incentives & Programs

Rebates, tax credits, discounts, freebies and information to help you do the green thing. Learn More »

My Community

Go local, get involved, get energized for what’s going on right in your neighborhood. Learn More »
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